Why Your Home Based Business Needs an Automated System in 2023

Why your home based business Needs an automated system

Why Your Home Based Business Needs an Automated System in 2023

Why your home based business Needs an automated system is simple.  The times are changing and as a business owner you need to change as well.You have heard it many times if you have been involved or are involved in the home based business niche.

“You need a system to be successful”

I like to take this a step further. You not only need some sort of system for your home based business opportunity, you need to have an Automated System.

To take that even one step further, your Automated System must show your prospects the benefits of partnering with you and your team.

Here are four crucial things that if used, on all of your prospects WILL increase your chances of succeeding in your home based business opportunity.

Step 1: Create a system to capture your prospects name, email and mobile phone number

If you have been looking into this niche you have seen an optin form of some sort or another.  But if not, a lead capture page is simply a page that is set up to give some brief information about a product or service, but then requires the prospect to enter their info to get the full details.

It is often offers a giveaway and if the prospect likes it has to enter their info to get it. Once they do, you own their information for life and can continue to follow up with them or contact them about other offers you may have within your niche.  Lead Capture pages are a MUST to start building your list and a great way to communicate with your subscribers.

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Special note: If you start to sound “salesy” then you take the chance of them unsubscribing from your email list.

Those that are highly successful in any home based business opportunity have a list of thousands of people if they have been in this niche for a while.

Any time they have a new product, service or opportunity to promote they simple create a broadcast email and send it to their list.

Whether you understand the power of this or not, it gives you leverage over those who are not building an email list.

This all leads into the second technique to creating a totally automated system, email auto responders.

Step 2: Follow up with prospects on Your List

This is the easiest and most recognizable form of follow up. When creating a capture page, all you have to do is connect the optin form to your auto responder. This can be done very easily using services such as aweber.

Now, when a prospect fills in their information, you not only get to keep their information for your list, but now you can follow up with them whenever you have something of value to share with them.

Of course, you have to write your email follow up messages ahead of time, but once you have them completed, you are following up with your prospects over and over while doing no additional work.  In aweber they call this a campaign.

While email is a nice tool to make your system automated, it is far too often the ONLY tool people use.

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This is a huge mistake.

In order to reach as many people as possible, you need to come at them from many directions.

Step 3: Follow up with Value Based Videos

Creating Videos gives you yet another method of following up with prospects. It is an awesome strategy and as of late has been sort of the “new way to communicate” with your list.

You can create videos about your products (shorts) that are less than a minute and send a link to your email list, post it on social media, or in a blog post.  Video is something not everyone is comfortable with but highly encouraged especially in the home based business niche.

If you really want to know what I mean just go to youtube and type in your home based business name and you will see a lot of videos that are communicating something about your home based business.

Step 4: Postcard follow up

Direct mail is by far the most forgotten means of follow up and often the most effective. Postcards are a terrific way to make sure that your prospects hear from you.

By simply collecting their mailing info on your capture page, you have set yourself up to use an incredible tool that will definitely help increase your sales and income.

A lot of the time you can buy a targeted list of people interested in the home based business that has the name and address that you can send postcards to about your business opportunity.  This can be more expensive but yet you could get more people looking at your opportunity which is the end goal, right!!!

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Just search online for postcards services to check it out further.


If you use that simple 4 step plan to create an automated system for your business, you will definitely increase your chances to get more sales.

Plus, you will not only have an automated system that works for you while you are doing the things you enjoy, but it will be one that contacts prospects from multiple angles so they are sure to get your message early and often.

I hope you can see how an automated system can benefit you personally as well as how it will help grow your home based business.  If you like this post then share  the link on social media and and also what you thought about the post.


P.S.  You never know what income strategy will work best for you and your business.  I try to look at new strategies people are using in this niche and make them work for me if possible.  You just need to stay open minded and live outside the box…

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