Why MLM is Broken

why mlm is broken

MLM is Broken: How One Company is Disrupting the Health and Wellness Industry

Why MLM is broken is a hot topic in this niche.  Seriously, why would anyone even say that?  Truth is, it’s about time someone broke the glass on this industry.  So, let’s get on with the intro to this post in the next paragraph.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a business model that has been around for decades. It involves recruiting people to sell products and earn commissions from their sales. Also, as well as from the sales of people they recruit.

While some MLM companies have been successful, there are numerous problems with the model. This problem is one that has led many to believe that MLM is broken. In this blog post, we’ll explore the problems with MLM.

Plus we’ll introduce a company that is disrupting the health and wellness industry.  I mean after all it is with a new approach.  This new approach could save members up to 70% on products.

Problems with MLM

There are several problems with the MLM model that have been well-documented. One of the biggest issues is that it can be difficult for people to make money through MLM.

According to a report by the Federal Trade Commission, more than 99% of people who join MLM companies lose money.

This is because MLM companies often require members to purchase expensive products to sell, and they may also charge fees for training, marketing materials, and other resources.

Another problem with MLM is that it can be very difficult to recruit new members. Many people are wary of MLM companies and may not want to join or be associated with them.

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This can make it difficult for existing members to build their downline and earn commissions.

A lot of the time there is no real path to get your products paid for each month.

The only way is to get customer product sales, autoships from team members I personally sponsor and rank advancement.

People want to know what they have to do to make this a zero cost business.

High Cost of MLM Products

In addition to the challenges of making money through MLM, there is also the issue of the high cost of MLM products.

MLM companies often charge premium prices for their products, which can make them difficult to sell.

This is because customers can often find similar products at lower prices elsewhere.

Because of the high cost of most products which is exposed if you watch the video below, you understand what I mean.

But the fact is, with most companies you need to have a minimum of $45 to $150 in most all of the network marketing opportunities.

Except the one that is disrupting the health and wellness niche.

Solution: A Membership Club That Saves Members Up to 70%

One company that is disrupting the health and wellness industry is offering a solution to the problems with MLM.

This company has created kind of like a “membership club”.  It allows members to purchase high-quality health and wellness products at prices that are up to 70% off.

This membership club is a game-changer for anyone who is looking for affordable and effective health and wellness products.

This Membership Club Works

There are several reasons why this membership club is so successful. First, the products offered are high-quality and effective. They are sourced from reputable suppliers and are rigorously tested to ensure their quality and effectiveness.

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Second, the membership club is affordable. Members pay a low monthly fee to access the products, and they can save up to 70% on many of the products. This makes it easy for anyone to access high-quality health and wellness products without breaking the bank.

Finally, the membership club is easy to use. Members can shop online and have products shipped directly to their door. They can also easily manage their account and track their orders through an online dashboard.

Watch the Video and Join the Movement

If you’re tired of the broken MLM model and want to join the movement…

You know the one that is disrupting the health and wellness industry.  Then watch the video below and join the membership club today.

With affordable prices and high-quality products, this company is changing the game.  They are making it easier than ever to take control of your health and wellness.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity…

You have a chance to save up to 70% on some of the best health and wellness products available today.

Why MLM Is Broken

When you watch this video your eyes are going to be opened. He will expose a new way to do MLM.  This has blown a lot of people’s minds because the old way kept them broke and confused.

Have a great day and I hope that you take action and click the button and learn more.  Once you know more about this company and the standard they are setting in this space…

We do mention in this post that most people do not make money says the Federal Trade Commission.  So, I will tell you some people make money and some do not.  It really depends on how serious and dedicated to make a business online work.  MLM is just another way of doing business.  But we can not tell you that you will make money because we most likely do not even know you. 

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