The Benefits of Recurring Income for Affiliate Marketers


The Benefits of Recurring Income for Affiliate Marketers

The benefits of recurring income for affiliate marketers is important because they are looking at this from a long term ideal.  One of my goals for this post is to show you that in such a way that it makes total sense to you.  That way you can apply what makes sense and throw out what doesn’t.

But as far as an affiliate marketer, finding a reliable source of income can be a challenge. It can be stressful to constantly search for new clients or projects, and the income stream can be unpredictable.

Fortunately, recurring income can provide a solution to this problem. In this blog post, for my second goal we will discuss the benefits of recurring income for affiliate marketers.

We will also provide a list of the top 20 places to find recurring income opportunities.  Look at it as a list of opportunities and I hope you find some you can put to work for you.

Benefits of Recurring Income

Here are some hypothetical scenarios…

Predictability – Let’s say you find 1 product that has a recurring monthly subscription of $20 and 10 people signup, that would be $200 a month in recurring income.

Reduced Marketing and Sales Costs – At first you will have some marketing expenses out of pocket to build your subscriber list but as you grow that list your costs will go down.

Improved Relationships – As you get to know your subscriber list you will build a relationship, maybe through email where you can offer them other products that would benefit them.

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Potential for Passive Income – The more you do to sustain your income via the products that you choose will build your passive (recurring) income to a level of sustainability.

Top 20 Places to Find Recurring Income Opportunities

  1. Affiliate marketing programs
  2. Membership sites
  3. Subscription boxes
  4. Online courses
  5. SaaS (Software as a Service) products
  6. Digital products
  7. Coaching or consulting services
  8. Print on demand services
  9. Content creation services
  10. Podcast sponsorships
  11. Webinars
  12. Ad revenue
  13. Affiliate networks
  14. Stock photo or video sales
  15. Rental properties
  16. Dropshipping
  17. Real estate crowdfunding
  18. Crowdfunding campaigns
  19. Royalties
  20. Paid newsletters

Keep in mind that all 20 require you to have a subscription or recurring income each month or year.

The beauty of recurring income is it provides numerous benefits for entrepreneurs and freelancers.   Like, predictability, reduced marketing and sales costs, improved client/customer relationships, and potential for passive income.

By exploring the various opportunities for recurring income, affiliate marketers can find a reliable source of income and focus on growing their business.

In saying all that there is no better way to secure your financial future than to do it with a recurring income strategy.  For me that is the true benefit that comes from  hard work building this type of income strategy.  But the truth of the matter is anyone can do this if they have the desire to put in the work on the for front.

Is It Easy or hard

It is kind of like a saying I heard from a financial guy that goes like this “if you live like no one else now so you can live like no one else later”. What that simply means is if you put in the effort, the work, the time right now just maybe  a year or two or three. But at some point you will reap the benefits of passive, recurring sustainable income you have dreamed of.

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Now keep in mind that there is never a guarantee that you will be able to accomplish this but, if you believe it’s possible then it is worth pursuing.

What if it didn’t work out?  Well, every millionaire will tell you that they failed at something. But they learned a lesson from it maybe a hard lesson. But they got back up and they tried again.

One of my main recurring income streams is a funnel builder software.  You should check it out.

If you like this post and list of options to consider than share, comment and like or heck do all three…

Have a great day.

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