The 10K Infographic Blueprint You Really Need to See

The 10K Infographic Blueprint you really need to see is right here below this paragraph.  Fact of the matter is the 10K Infographic Blueprint clear as to what you need to do?

But let’s look at this from a different angle.  These same steps to for the 10K Infographic Blueprint are the same you need to take to make $1K or $500 dollars a day, a week, or a month.

You see it is not the amount of money you can make it’s about the steps you take to get to where your goal is.  Take this all in and really study these steps and think about how they could help you in your business.  Don’t look at the 10K Infographic Blueprint to only be about making $10K.

The 10K Infographic Blueprint

Shape Your Mindset

This is the first step of the process.  I truly believe that whatever your financial goal is, you need to believe it is reachable.  This is why you hear people say make your goal just beyond what you will reach.  You want it to be a reachable goal but not unreachable.  Does that make sense?

In other wards if it is too easy you will not feel the benefit of reaching your goal.  If it is too hard to reach your goal you will quit before you reach it.

I remember when I was in an MLM and my sponsor asked why are you quitting and I said I cannot get enough leaders to make any recurring income.  He told me I was just on the brink of exploding my business.  So I re-evaluated my situation and came up with a believable plan that I felt I could reach.  He told me also that it is not the amount of work you do as much as it is how smart you work your plan.

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So understand this one thing that you need to shape your mindset if you want to make continuous money online.

Make Changes

When it comes to making changes you first need to look in the mirror.  Okay, I get it, that is a pretty bold thing to say.  But it’s true, you need to change you before you can change how you do things.

If you believe you can make $10K per month but you’re not really making any money at all then….

You need to change how you think because it’s evident that what you’re doing is not working.  This is a hard step in this process but it is an important one.  Do not overestimate your ability to make changes in your behavior, attitude, daily routines, and more…

Take Action and Engage

As you make changes you also need to take action.  You also need to engage meaning taking action on the changes you’re making.  Just don’t get so confident that you lose track of what you’re supposed to be doing.

Let’s say you make a change that every morning when you get up you take time to remind yourself of the goals you reaching for.  Taking action and engaging would mean, “doing it every morning” not just when you remember to do it.  So whatever change you say you’re going to make, make sure you do what you’re going to do.

Define Your Goals

As I said earlier goals are important but only of they are reachable with enough effort to reap the benefits.  Make sure that your goals are clearly written and that you’re not overwhelmed with too many goals.

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The infographic really states this step clearly and I would highly encourage you to read this step again.  Get this right and you’re on your way to step 5.

Follow a Plan

If you fail to plan you plan to fail.  That was one of the first things I was taught when it comes to online marketing. I can tell you that no matter what niche, what type of business online or offline it all applies.

Write a plan about the steps you will take to reach your financial or personal goal.  For instance if you want to make an extra $500 per week what are you going to do to make that money?

There is another saying I heard that applies to this step.  “K. I. S. S. principle.  As long as you will do that as you learn you will see how much better it will get.  Some people overcomplicate this process and therefore struggle to get through it all.

Commit and Persist

This last step is sooooo important.  As with anything your doing that is worthwhile if you do not commit to it you are bound to fail.  Commitment is the glue that holds everything together.  Without commitment you will go slower and slower and end up quitting or not going through with whatever it is your doing.

When you commit and persist with all you have then you’re heading in the right direction and you can expect some positive things to come your way.  You do understand that getting to $10K per month is a large item to tackle but others have done it.  If I was you which I am not I would go for the low hanging fruit (money) and scale up from there.

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You will hear people say that you can make $100 or you can make a $1,000 for the same amount of effort.  But if you’re new os seasoned my advice is to go for the easy money.  Learn how you did it.  You need to understand how you drove the traffic and that takes testing, tracking and writing it all down.

Anyone can do this but trust me when I tell you this; a lot of people never make a dime.  The reasons for that are many but if you have a plan and do your research you can do it.  Also, if you have  a way to get a good mentor that will help also.


I am not and expert, guru or anything like that.  I am just a blogger that knows some things and nothing about other things.  Read this post and apply what makes sense and throw away the what does not stuff.  I try to be honest and speak from my heart on these topics but you may have more insight than I do on this matter.

Feel free to leave a positive comment.  I am okay with negative feedback as well as long as it is not slanderous or vulgar.  When I get those I send them to the spam folder.  Make your comment about this post or it does not get approved if you want to redo my website, improve my SEO or any comment that is not reflecting on the infographic or the content on this post.


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  1. What a great post. I like how you took each step and added more value to the step. This helps me better understand the process and how a blueprint can actually work. I also agree that this would work no matter how much money you wanted to make per day, week or month. Going slower at the start and scaling up is good advice thank you for that.

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