How to Recruit New People into a Network Marketing Opportunity

How to recruit new people

How to Recruit New People into a Network Marketing Opportunity

How to recruit new people into any opportunity takes time, effort and stamina to get people to join you.

Network Marketing (MLM) is one of the oldest home based business models in the United States.  There are literally thousands of them now in 2023 and hundreds of thousands that have come and gone.

When people think about network marketing they automatically think “Pyramid Scheme”.  I can assure you that this has probably happened numerous times to get to this “click name” but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Understanding what network marketing really is, today, right now, it is a business you can literally run from anywhere as long as you have a phone, laptop and an internet connection.

Even though you see the matrix and the power lines and all that stuff within a pay plan did you know that you could have a group of 300 people under you and you are not the one that makes the most money.  This is where people who do this professionally will tell you that is no pyramid scheme.

When you look at network marketing as a business though in 2023 look at your recruits as affiliates instead of members.

I say that because there are a lot of “businesses” that you can do from home and it is multi level.  Take real estate as an example.  Your a broker and you have 6 real estate sales associates below you.  You make a commission when you sell a house and so do they.  The difference is you get a cut from their sale until they become a broker which could be  a long while.

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For me that is not much different than network marketing.  But that is my opinion and mine only!!!

The Importance of Recruiting New People To Your Team

If we used the example above (real estate) the more affiliates you have the more commissions you will make.  So to build a strong team you need to recruit more people every day, week and month.

This is another way people screw up and that is they recruit people who do not have a real interest in the business.  I am pretty particular because I know it is not about how many people you have it’s about how you’re getting paid through your compensation plan.  This is why leaders will tell you to be a product of the product.  They we usually get paid as per how much volume we have sole within our team and not how many heads we brought in.

Now, in saying that, you could get fast start bonuses for enrolling people but that is one off commissions.  What you’re looking for is long term residual income.  Trust me when I tell you that for this to happen (long term residual income) you need to be moving products out the company doors.

So when I recruit I am asking for a specific type of person to join my team.  That is what I teach my team (s) to do, but you will have to decide who your target market is before you start to recruit people so you get exactly what and who you want in your team.

What’s the Purpose of this Blog Post Anyway…

I wanted to write this post because I feel it is important for network marketers to hear from other network marketers.  Even though I am not a top recruiter in the company or in the industry I do recruit and have recruited people into network marketing companies.

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My goal is to motivate you, and not for you to copy paste what I do. But instead to inspire you to see that maybe there is something you can do differently that will help you grow your team.

Who is Your Target or What type of person are you looking for…

If you cannot figure out who you’re looking for then you might be in for a long haul trying to build your team.  For me and my team we want people who have experience with Network Marketing.  But we also will take those that haven’t been exposed and show them what they need to do.

But trust me when I tell you this that if you bombard your team with people who have no experience then you will be working over time.

I guess what I am saying is to focus on recruiting those who have experience and place those that do not under them.

There is an old saying I really like.  Get two, help two then rinse and repeat.

Approaching Possible Recruits onto Your Team

Now this is where things get really interesting.    Maybe you meet a person on social media.  You do not want too hit them to join your team but instead build a relationship with them over a 3-5 day span and then tell them you have been looking for people like them who have experience in Network Marketing.

Then ask them if they would like to see the business your working?  Don’t  be pushy just make the pitch,  Let them make the decision to take the next step.

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Remember you only want people who have experience and “decide” to do it because they know, like and trust you.

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