How to Promote any Network Marketing Opportunity

How to Promote any Network Marketing Opportunity

How to Promote any Network Marketing Opportunity

How to promote any network marketing opportunity is or can be a daunting task.  But if you keep reading you will find out a thing or two about this topic.

There are so many ways to promote any network marketing opportunity.  Unfortunately, not all those ways are anywhere close to being compliant with there companies policies.

What I mean by this is what I hope to explain in this post.

Almost every network marketing opportunity gives their affiliates landing pages to use.  Even though they are designed by professionals they do not want you to send traffic directly to their pages.

You’re Probably Wondering Why???

There is really no “one” answer to that question but let me help you see why they do not want you to do that.

You see from my own experience when you join you really want to get people to see what you’re offering.  It’s not always about the money but also the products that you have to offer as well.

So what I have done and others do is go buy traffic.  Maybe its leads you buy, solo ads, or many other ways to get eyes on your opportunity quickly.

Well, what the company doesn’t like is a lot of that traffic is worthless.  Like some companies that offer a free tour, you get jammed up with people looking and not joining or buying.

So What Is The Solution?

Well, I cannot speak for everyone because there are several ways you can meet the need of the visitor but I will touch on what I do now.

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Let’s Get Started…

Depending on what you use as far as a page builder, or your autoresponder may have landing pages you can use.  I know aWeber and Get Response do.

What I am saying is you want to create a landing page for your traffic that you will be generating.

Here is an Example of What You Might See in aWeber

The point of using a page like this is, you get to collect their email and name to build your list.  When you click the button you will get an email almost immediately with details. You will also be redirected to the company page for the company they are promoting.

Some call this an optin page others may call it a bridge page.  Basically what you’re doing is breaking down the traffic as to who is interested and who is not.

A page like this helps you to sort out the lookers from the  action takers.

It may seem like a lot of work but you need to build a list anyway.  Plus it makes you’re company happy and therefore will not close your company page down.

When you look at the big picture you only want action takers coming into your funnel right.  So this is why you put a form down on the page instead of just a button.

In Conclusion

The last few things I will pass onto you today are to keep it simple.  Less is better but have something that they want to see, read or whatever.  It could be a video and another page.  If you have a lead magnet related to your offer that would be even better.

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You will want to test, test and then test again to get higher conversions.

The last thing is this, it will be slower doing it this way.  So, patience is a huge factor in your success in complying with your companies policy.  In the long run it will be worth it to go this way.

But know this, you can do it.  Keep in mind you’re sorting the traffic your going to get so you have the best people looking at what you have to offer within your network marketing company.

Confidence is a key to success in anything we try to do.  If you do not have confidence in what you’re doing then you need to step back and ask yourself why.

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