How to Add Your Domain to HBA Funnel Builder

How To Add Your Domain To The HBA Funnel Builder

How to Add Your Domain to HBA Funnel Builder

If you’re using HBA Funnel Builder to create your sales funnels, you may want to use your own custom domain name to give your funnel a professional look. In this post, we’ll show you how to add your domain inside the funnel builder in just a few simple steps.

Why Use Your Own Domain Name?

Using your own domain name on your sales funnel can improve your branding and increase trust among your visitors. It also gives your funnel a professional look and makes it easier to remember.

Steps to Add Your Domain

Step 1: Log in

Log in to your HBA Funnel Builder account and click on the “Settings” option from the “right top” menu bar. (gear icon)

Step 2: Click on “Domains”

From the settings menu, click on “Domains” to open the domain management page.

Step 3: Add Your Domain ( a few steps in this process)

Click on the “Add Domain” button and enter your domain name in the field provided. Make sure to enter your domain name without the “www” prefix.

Step 4: Verify Ownership of Your Domain

To verify that you own the domain, the software will ask you to add a CNAME record to your DNS settings. You can copy the CNAME record provided by HBA Funnel Builder and add it to your domain’s DNS settings. This step may vary depending on your domain registrar.

Step 5: Wait for the CNAME Record to Propagate

Once you’ve added the CNAME record, it may take some time for it to propagate across the internet. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours. You can check the status of your domain verification by clicking on the “Verify” button in HBA Funnel Builder.

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Step 6: Set Your Default Domain

Once your domain is verified, you can set it as your default domain by clicking on the “Set Default” button. This will make your custom domain the primary domain for your funnel.

Time to Wrap This Up

Adding your own domain name to HBA Funnel Builder is a simple process that can give your funnel a professional look and increase trust among your visitors. By following these steps, you can easily add your domain to HBA Funnel Builder and start using it on your sales funnels. Don’t forget to wait for the CNAME record to propagate before verifying your domain, and set your custom domain as the default domain to make it the primary domain for your funnel.

One thing I know is this.

If you try the funnel builder you will see how easy it is to use.  I won’t say there is not a slight learning curve like all new things to each if us. But, if you take the time to watch the videos in the academy you will increase your knowledge and be able to create  the page you want.

I always say that it’s better to try it for 90 days and then decide because things do not come to fruition overnight.  I can tell if you’re still with me right now you are probably considering picking up this funnel builder.

talk soon…

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