Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid could really be a novel but today we will cover a few that are made more regularly.

4 Top Mistakes I have Made

  1.  Timing
  2. Content
  3. Spelling
  4. Followup

Timing: You might find it hard to believe but the time you send the email can be really important.  Here is a snippet from send in blue on this very topic.

So why is timing important?  At the right time you have a better chance of someone opening the email and actually reading it.

Content is King Even in Emails

You know how the gurus always say content is king and there is good reason for it.  But it as in blog post, articles and ebooks content is king in email.

There is a time for almost anything but every email that I have that starts with a story related to the title of the email I almost every time read every word.

The key here is you need to give the emails you send out some thought.  Not just through a few lines of text and link to an affiliate product or a video.  Unless it is going to your video you create and are in it.

Emails are funny, you do not want them too long or too short but around 120 words or less.  The need value in my opinion.  If you cannot send something that is helpful to your subscriber.

Here is a rule of thumb that I heard a long time ago.

  • email 1: send value
  • email 2: send value
  • email 3: send value
  • email 4: send value plus a link
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If you follow that strategy which is all it is for me you show your subscribers that you care about them and you have something to offer once in a while.

People do not like to be sold they want to buy when they see value within the product.

If there is one thing that really riles me up it’s to buy a product and then the affiliate that sold it to me is sending me emails to buy someone else’s product not just one email but 10-20. With some of the emails being very similar to what they sold me.

With that you can tell they are all about the money but I do not fall for it I just trash it without looking it over.

Your Spelling Has to be Accurate

Heck even I miss something every now and again but I try to send emails and blog posts our with zero misspelled words but like you I miss one once in a while.  It’s okay but try to get too perfect don’t settle for status quo.

It only takes a minute to scan 100 words to see if something is misspelled. It’s worth it trust me when I tell you that.

Why You Need to Followup With Your Subscribers

You remember the strategy I talked about above?  Always remember that to a certain degree.  Also, like I talked about in the content section about if you sell someone a product you created say a youtube strategy put that person in a buyers list and only try to sell them on products you make not on someone else’s product.  If someone buys an affiliate product from you followup with the 3+1 strategy above.

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But is saying all that you need to send way more value and less selling in your followup emails.

I have several autoresponder series that provide value in almost every email even ones with links in them and that is what I send the majority of the time.  It’s just good marketing practice to do that, that way.

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